Recently, Mbuagbaw et al.1 published an article in The Lancet HIV outlining the rationale and intended use of CEDRIC-HIV (Checklist for studies of HIV drug resistance incidence or prevalence). Although this checklist was designed for HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) studies, its use may extend to the wider field of epidemiology and prevention healthcare, making it a valuable addition to your journal.

Research in epidemiology and health prevention has considerably evolved, underscoring the ever-increasing need for standardised reporting practice. In particular, the emergence of drug resistance in HIV, a consequence of the widespread use of antiretroviral therapy, represents a pressing concern. This resistance encompasses acquired drug resistance (ADR) and transmitted drug resistance (TDR), with pre-treatment drug resistance (PDR) observed in individuals initiating or re-initiating therapy... Accedi per continuare la lettura