Florence 6-8 november - Palazzo Vecchio - Salone De’ Cinquecento

Europe today is a community of change and diversity. On one hand it has an ageing population and on the other there is the ingress of young immigrants from both neighbouring and far-flung states. There is a tendency within communities, especially amongst the young, to adopt similar lifestyles, but also a differential awareness across social classes of the impact of lifestyles on health, seen for example, in acceptance of advice of health agencies and public health officials.

Air pollution has not decreased substantially in Europe’s urban areas and neither has pollution of water and soil, due to industry and waste processing activities. In addition new risks, some associated with climate change, have been identified, especially for older people and fragile populations.

There is a strong sense of necessity and urgency to find strategies to improve the health of individuals and communities, to guarantee deprived people the same level of assistance and healthcare, to offer beneficial primary and secondary prevention programs, and to find acceptable and equitable solutions for all communities in a Europe, that is under economic stress.

Epidemiologists can contribute to this effort by measuring the impact of changes and diversifications on the health of individuals and populations, both by analyzing the risks associated with harmful exposures and by evaluating the outcomes of different treatment regimens or health care strategies, evaluating the ‘natural experiment’ whereby countries within Europe may be adopting differing strategies to address common public health problems.

The Italian Epidemiological Association and the European Epidemiology Federation of the International Epidemiological Association have chosen to meet in Florence this year, continuing the tradition of the European Federation of Epidemiology, to give European researchers the opportunity of sharing experiences, knowledge, methods, ideas and proposals for epidemiological research in a changing and diversifying Europe.

On behalf of the Italian Epidemiological Association, the European Epidemiology Federation, and the International Epidemiological Association, we, Adele Seniori Costantini, RobertWest, and Neil Pearce would like to welcome all delegates to this conference in Florence. We trust that you will find both science and discussions with colleagues interesting, stimulating and enjoyable and hope that you will enjoy your stay in Florence.

Adele Seniori
Costantini Italian Epidemiological Association (AIE)

Robert West
International Epidemiological Association (IEA), European Councillor, Chairman, IEA European Epidemiology Federation

Neal Pearce
International Epidemiological Association (IEA), President