Epidemiologia&Prevenzione 2020, 44 (5-6) settembre-dicembre

Glimepiride not inferior to linagliptin? No, even superior from a public health perspective

Alberto Donzelli, Giulia Giudicatti, Giulio Mariani

In issue 42 of Diabetes Care released on December 2019, Matthew C. Riddle wrote the article “A Verdict for Glimepiride: Effective and Not Guilty of Cardiovascular Harm”.1

Riddle points out that the cardiovascular safety of sulfonylureas has been debated for nearly 50 years. He notes that, now, two convincing comparisons showed the former “neither an increase nor a decrease of risk with linagliptin versus placebo”, the second “the lack of excess cardiovascular risk with glimepiride versus linagliptin”. Taken together, these results “s…Continua su epiprev.it

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